I have not received my pattern(s). What should I do?

I do my best to have all orders emailed within a few hours, and definitely within 24 hours (barring unforeseen circumstances). If you have not received your pattern, please feel free to contact me right away.

It is possible that the email with your patterns has ended up in your junk / spam / trash folders, so you could also check these places. I'm not sure why this happens, but it occasionally does. 

I always send patterns from my business account: simply_irresistible_patterns@yahoo.ca

Patterns are sent to the email address you have listed with Paypal, as this is the only contact information I receive for you on my Paypal invoice. If you no longer use this address, or would prefer the pattern(s) sent to a different address, please either email me directly, or leave a note when checking out through Paypal.

I want to sell the items I have made. Can I?

YES! I fully encourage you to sell any and all items you create using my patterns. However, it is important to note that my patterns are copyright and my intellectual property. This means that you cannot copy any pattern (in part or in whole) for the purposes of distributing or reselling, and you may not claim them as your own. 

Can I return a pattern?

If there is something wrong with the pattern (an error/typo, for example), I will be more than happy to fix the problem and send an updated copy. (My patterns are all tested and proof read several times, so this has never been an issue).

However, due to the nature of the item (it is considered a virtual item), I cannot accept any returns. It is utterly impossible to return the pattern, as you could send back a copy, but still have one on your computer or printed out. 

How do I open the pattern(s) I purchased?

Since my patterns are in pdf format, you will need Adobe to open and read them. This program is likely already installed on your computer or hand-held device. If not, it can be downloaded for free at: www.adobe.com